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Technological Challenges


Technological challenges

A technological challenge is a type of Research & Development action.

Different teams address a challenging objective using a common testing environment set up for that purpose.

Technological challenges are particularly suited to studying complex systems, especially those involving artificial intelligence and machine learning, as they enable the objective and comparable measurement of the performances of such systems.

In a technological challenge, the organiser defines common experimental protocols in cooperation with the participating R&D teams before providing the environment enabling the teams to test their systems according to these protocols.

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Rewards and Benefits

  • Unique opportunity for innovators in a given domain to progress faster:
    • Gain privileged access to resources tailored to the objective
    • Perform unbiased experimental measurements
    • Gain first-hand information about the state-of-the-art
  • Fosters networking among the best teams in the domain
  • Results obtained by the teams can help them to get further support and funding

How does it work?

The European Defence Fund annual calls for proposals offer specific call topics for Participating or Organising a Technological Challenge. The topic for 2023 call for proposals on the Technological Challenge was Agile and Robust Human Language Technologies for Defence.

Information on the 2023 Call on Technological Challenge:

Access the Call for Organising a Technological Challenge

Access the Call for Participation in a Technological Challenge

The 2023 round of EUDIS calls for proposals is now closed. The results of the evaluation are expected to be announced by the end of the second quarter of 2024.

Same like in 2023, the EUDIS calls will be a part of the Annual EDF Work Programme also in 2024. It is published usually in the Spring and the calls for proposals will remain open until the Autumn. 

The information on the 2024 round of the EUDIS calls for proposals can be expected in Spring 2024. Stay tuned!

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Frequently Asked Questions on Technological Challenges