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EU Defence Innovation Scheme (EUDIS)
SME Calls


SME calls

EUDIS targets SMEs, start-ups, and other small players new to the defence sector. The EDF includes specific calls targeting SMEs to lower entry barriers into the defence domain. 

Rewards & Benefits

  • Funding opportunity for R&D of innovative defence products, solutions and technologies.

    Submit project proposals for development actions with funding up to EUR 6 million and project proposals for research action with funding up to EUR 4 million per project, as innovative SME get a driving role to turn technology and research results into defence products.

  • Address any subject of interest for defence and receive grant funding for a wide array of topics.

    Beneficiaries can receive business coaching: reduce the time of bringing results from research to development, or eventually to the market.

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How does it work?

Every year there are two open and non-thematic SME R&D calls targeting SMEs and RTOs.

A call for development actions is aimed for consortia of SMEs. This call topic is open to any technology development for defence. The proposals should describe the targeted functionalities and the foreseen means to measure progress toward the achievements of these functionalities.

A call for research actions is aimed for consortiums of SMEs and research organizations. This call topic is open to any technological research for defence. The coordinator of the consortium needs to be an SME. The budget allocated to research organisations cannot exceed 40% of the total grant amount requested. The call is open for several applications.


Information on 2024 SME Calls: 




Information on 2023 open SME Calls: 

Access 2023 non-thematic development actions by SMEs

In 2023 the SME calls for proposals on defence innovations addressing any subject of interest for defence, such as, but not limited to:

  • blockchain applications (e.g., for identification of friend or foe)
  • tools and applications improving cybersecurity talents screening
  • artificial intelligence and robotic autonomous systems
  • future naval platform control and management
  • smart damage control related to future naval platforms
  • ship signature management
  • secure and reliable underwater communication solutions and interfaces (radiofrequency, acoustic, optic or others)
  • measurement and monitoring of physiological and cognitive state of soldiers
  • solutions for mechanical and “green” chemical recycling of waste of soldier individual equipment (uniforms, helmets, boots, rucksacks, plastic elements, harness, etc.)

The EDF 2023 round of call for proposals is now closed. The results of the evaluation are expected to be announced by the end of the second quarter of 2024.

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Frequently Asked Questions on SME Calls