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EU Defence Innovation Scheme (EUDIS)
For European Defence Innovators

Innovation Challenges

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Participate in hackathons held across Europe: develop your ideas, win mentoring and possibly prizes from local organizers. The first hackathon will take place in April/May 2024.

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Technological Challenges

Organise or participate in technological challenges: set-up testing environments for Research & Development and compare your solution with competing teams.

Test your Innovation

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Innovation test hubs

SMEs, including start-ups, will be able to apply for Financial Support to Third Parties (FSTP)/cascade funding grants organised by EDF-funded consortia.

Migrate from civil to defence

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Spin-in calls

Participate in spin-in calls: build on the results from civil EU-funded R&D programmes and apply them to a defence setting.

Access to Finance

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Access to finance

Equity financing is essential to the growth of innovative start-ups, SMEs and midcaps in the EU. The European Commission has proposed the Defence Equity Facility that aims to support Private Equity and Venture Capital funds to invest in innovative technologies having dual-use potential. The European Commission earmarks EUR 20 million per year with a perspective to devote for this purpose up to EUR 100 million from the European Defence Fund until 2027.
This new financing opportunity for fund managers will be accompanied by capacity building and matchmaking activities to stimulate the development of an ecosystem of European private funds supporting defence innovation, and help companies and investors find investment opportunities. COMING SOON !

Empower SMEs

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Open and non-thematic SME calls

Participate in open and non-thematic SME calls with international consortia under the European Defence Fund (EDF): receive lump sum grants for R&D.

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Disruptive Technologies calls

Participate in disruptive technologies calls with international consortia under the EDF: receive lump sum grants for R&D.

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Business Coaching

Benefit from business coaching: successful applicants to open SME calls and open disruptive technologies calls can benefit from business coaching.