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EU Defence Innovation Scheme (EUDIS)
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Disruptive Technology Calls


Disruptive technologies

A call for proposals on disruptive technologies for defence is aimed for research proposals on cutting-edge, high-risk/high-impact research leading to game changing impact in a defence context.

The proposals should focus on enhanced or completely new technologies that bring about a paradigm shift in the concept and conduct of defence affairs such as by replacing existing defence technologies or rendering them obsolete.

The European Defence Fund (EDF) supports actions that can help develop disruptive technologies based on concepts or ideas originating from “non-traditional defence’s state-of-art” or emerging technologies equally disruptive, contributing to the development of innovative defence systems.


Rewards & Benefits

Unique focus, fostering SME presence in disruptive technologies through the specific research call for a smaller size consortium of minimum two entities from two EU Member States and Norway


Receive 100% of required funding

Successful beneficiaries can receive business coaching: reduce the time of bringing results to the next phase of development


How does it work?

Under the disruptive technologies call for action in the EDF, an open and non-thematic call is published. This follows the same rules as non-thematic calls reserved for SMEs.

In the 2023 Work Programme, the calls target low technological readiness levels. Generating and integrating knowledge can be funded, not excluding downstream eligible activities for research actions.

This call targets SMEs, research organisations, start-ups, and other small players that are eager to explore new technologies, aside or in parallel to thematic calls in the EDF. To apply for this call, consult the Work Programme and the Funding & Tenders opportunities online portal.

A total of up to EUR 16 million were available under this call in 2023, with the requested funding not exceeding EUR 4 million per proposal.

Applicants need to be members of a consortium (at least two companies), based in at least two different Member States.

Successful applicants receive funding in the form of a lump sum grant.

Information on the 2023 Call:

The 2023 round of EUDIS calls for proposals is now closed. The results of the evaluation are expected to be announced by the end of the second quarter of 2024.

Same like in 2023, the EUDIS calls will be a part of the Annual EDF Work Programme also in 2024. It is published usually in the Spring and the calls for proposals will remain open until the Autumn. 

The information on the 2024 round of the EUDIS calls for proposals can be expected in Spring 2024. Stay tuned!

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Frequently Asked Question on EDF Disruptive Technology Calls