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EU Defence Innovation Scheme (EUDIS)
Business Coaching


Business coaching

All SME beneficiaries in the EDF calls can benefit from business coaching for free.

Coaches will guide SMEs in their business challenges to ensure the SME can accelerate growth and transition quicker from the research to the development phase or from the development phase to the market

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Rewards and Benefits

  • SME beneficiaries in EDF calls are invited to take advantage of coaching services.






  • In the first year of the project, SMEs can receive guidance from experienced entrepreneurs and experts in the defence sector to boost growth.



  • These services are offered for free and focus on specific business challenges SMEs face, such as commercialisation, legal and financial challenges, strategy for defence market, and strategic partnerships.

How does it work?

  • Each year, SME beneficiaries will be invited to participate in the business coaching services.
  • SME beneficiaries in those calls can register to the EUDIS coaching platform and submit a coaching services request (this process takes around 30min).
  • The SMEs will be provided with a needs analysis report, recommended assistance packages and the best matching coach to support them. The SME and the coach initially define a coaching plan to guide their collaboration the goals of the partnership and decide how often they meet. The coaching takes place over a period of 6 months.


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Frequently Asked Questions on Business Coaching